Wednesday, 9 November 2011
B'ook-shelf (n)

I found this wooden bookshelf on the way back from a craft fair with my mum, it caught my eye because of it's unusual shape and dark wood and also the fact that it came apart - lucky because we bought it forgetting we had a car full of stock!

I decided to cover it with an old dictionary, using the letters b,o,k and s  (I struggled with k though, who knew there were so few words beginning with the letter k!)

Close up
     H 72cm, W 90cm, D 19cm

I love the ends of the bookcase and they were the main reason I decided to leave some of the wood exposed, I think it enhances the old, slightly brown pages of the dictionary.  Now it is varnished the bookcase no longer comes apart, I love that there are no fixings in it and it is held together (very solidly!) purely by the wooden peg ends!

Price £65 SOLD



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