Monday, 31 October 2011
A Comic Creation!

This is definitely my new favourite, although I'm not sure the photo's do it justice!  I fell in love with this 60's retro table as soon as I saw it back in the summer,  it's the shape of the top and legs I like, it just had something about it that made me notice it even with a pile of other stuff stacked on top!

I knew I wanted to put something a bit unusual on it, to make it modern but also link it to the 60's and 70's.  I had already bought some 1979 Beano's and had been desperate to use them for a while, so I needed no excuse!

Close up
   H 24.5cm, W 67.5cm, D 38cm

The comics are slightly brown with age which I think adds to the character and I only used Dennis the Menace and Gnasher because they were my favourite, although I have lots of other characters I'm sure I will be tempted to use on other pieces! Watch this space!

Price £75  SOLD
Thursday, 27 October 2011
Todays piece was brought to you by the letters EL and F!

I think this desk and chair has tipped me over the edge, I have been looking at the alphabet so long I'm now quoting Sesame Street!

Initially I was going to cover this pine desk and chair with old Beano's but after some market research (my sister!) I decided it was probably too grown up for little people so I used a childrens picture dictionary instead!  (The Beano's are now being used on a retro coffee table so they can be appreciated by us older lot!)

I have tried to keep it so you can read as much of the book as possible, the desk top shows the letters A to P and the chair Q to Z. I matched it with an orange paint to keep it bright and cheery and unisex so it can be kept and passed on.

Close up
Desk: H 47cm, W 60cm, D 51cm
Chair: H 53cm, W 30.5cm, D 30cm
         Seat H 28.5cm

Sunday, 16 October 2011
Crocadon Sawmill Producers Market

I would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone who came out to support the first Crocadon Sawmill Producers Market. What a fantastic venue, with fantastic people topped off by fantastic weather! I also sold a couple of pieces which is a bonus!

There was a lovely atmosphere with people enjoying the BBQ and music outside and a lovely mix of stalls from amazing cupcakes and food, to wood, jewellery, artwork, plants, organic veg. and more!

I will definitely be going back for their next market on Saturday 19th November so I hope to see you there!

Love Elf x
Friday, 14 October 2011
Life and Times at the Rovers Return

I made this for the Coronation Street lovers out there! I don't watch it but my Nan is a lifetime fan and could name everyone on the tray!

The tray has a fair amount of history too!  I bought it in a set of three different sizes and apparently they were made by a prisoner of war in Ashburton, Devon and bought by a husband as a gift for his wife - I love a bit of social history!

Close up
H 32cm, W 57cm, D 3cm

I have left the wooden surround as it is beautifully made and I felt it should be seen, I couldn't face painting it after someone had put so much work into it so I gave it a gentle sand and treated it to some wood polish.

Price £20 SOLD
Arbuckle's Table

I must admit I'd never heard of Roy Rogers until I bought this annual, I certainly had no idea he was a real person!  I have since learnt that he has a horse named Trigger and is a Wild West hero but that's where my knowledge ends!

I love the effect the comic squares give on this table, you can even read a page of the story on the top!

Close up

It was great to make something aimed more at the men in our lives - maybe a brother or son going to uni!

H 41cm, W 30.5cm, D 30.5cm

Price £50  SOLD
Wednesday, 12 October 2011
Fifties Fancies

My mum gave me a 1950's Good Housekeeping cookbook that she had kept in the cupboard for years. Some of the recipes are good old fashionned home cooking, some bizarre and some politically incorrect!

I had two identical kitchen stools in stock so decided to decorate this one using cakes and all the sweet yummy stuff!

Close up of top

I love this picture of the perfect 1950's housewife baking cakes for her husband, waiting for him to arrive home with a 'warm smile on her face and a sincerity in her desire to please him!' Those were the days!

H 66cm, W 32.5cm, D 32.5cm (top 28cm x 28cm)


Friday, 7 October 2011
Laughter is the best medicine

I found a tiny 1950's junior first aid book a few months ago now and fell in love with it! Last week I finally found the perfect piece to decorate with it and I love the almost comic style effect.  The pages are quite aged and mottled and I think this adds to the 50's block colours.

Where else could you find a cupboard to store your medical supplies that also gives you advice at the same time! (although i'm not sure it's that current, the pictures might make you laugh and, as the saying goes...)

Inside (one shelf)

H 45cm, W 28cm, D 11.5cm (Shelf H 27cm)    

Price £60  SOLD
Tuesday, 4 October 2011
1970's Britain

This is a table I rescued a while ago, it was coated in goodness knows how many coats of thick yellow varnish and looking very sorry for itself!

After spending a (long!) while sanding I decided to cover it with an old 1970's AA map book, leaving the wooden ends and support as a contrast.

Close up

    H 57cm, W 60.5cm, D 28cm

The shape of the sides and the height make it completely different to any other table I have created so far.

You could while away the hours trying to find where you live! I'll give you a clue, Plymouth and Exeter are (of course) on the top!

Price £70


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