Friday, 8 July 2011
Welcome to ‘Second Chance by Elf’, unique pieces of functional art!

The name ‘Second Chance’ has two meanings, the first relates to me, Elf (Emma), and my second chance at life (long story!). The second relates to the furniture – the idea is to rescue lost and forgotten pieces of furniture and decorate them with lost and forgotten books to create one off pieces of art with a functional use. So much is thrown away in today’s society that to take a discarded and unloved piece and create something completely new and desirable is a real joy!

Each piece of furniture is matched with a book and, with quite a bit of elbow grease, transformed into something new and unique. The furniture is covered purely using the pages from the book (or series) and nothing else apart from, in some cases, paint. It is then given four coats of hardwearing satin varnish to withstand modern life!

Apart from the initial matching of book to furniture (all sourced locally) I don’t design each item at the start. It is an organic process that allows the piece to come together over time. The furniture is checked, undercoated, painted and then decorated. It can take anything from a couple of days to a week to finish each piece depending on size and complexity. The result is a completely one-off innovative piece of furniture unique to the buyer!

As paper is made of natural materials it behaves differently each time and gives you a natural finish that differs on each piece. Sometimes there are folds and creases in the paper much like natural leather.

I keep a stock of items that I have been inspired to create which would make brilliant gifts for that special person or maybe just a unique addition to your home. All of these can be found on my ‘Home’ page.

Bespoke items

I would love to create a piece just for you!

Maybe you are looking for a certain piece of furniture but can’t find what you want, let me know and I can source it and cover it with whatever you like! Or maybe you have a favourite book or piece of furniture, I can use it to create something just for you!

I currently have two commissions on the go, a breadbin (sourced by me) for my friends mums birthday which I am covering with one of her old cookery books, and a wooden music stand covered with a Beatles book both provided by the client.

These days a lot of people seem to buy what they want themselves so buying gifts for a 21st, 40th, 50th, 90th etc can be really tricky, why not give something completely unique rather than the usual shirt or slippers!

I can use photo’s if they are copied on a laser printer so the possibilities are endless. From a tray for great grandma covered with 90th birthday party pictures or photo’s of grandchildren to a coffee table covered with wedding photo’s, let’s face it we spend too much on wedding photo’s to keep them in an album tidied away in a drawer!

I hope you like my pieces as much as I like creating them!

Love Emma x


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