Thursday, 27 October 2011
Todays piece was brought to you by the letters EL and F!

I think this desk and chair has tipped me over the edge, I have been looking at the alphabet so long I'm now quoting Sesame Street!

Initially I was going to cover this pine desk and chair with old Beano's but after some market research (my sister!) I decided it was probably too grown up for little people so I used a childrens picture dictionary instead!  (The Beano's are now being used on a retro coffee table so they can be appreciated by us older lot!)

I have tried to keep it so you can read as much of the book as possible, the desk top shows the letters A to P and the chair Q to Z. I matched it with an orange paint to keep it bright and cheery and unisex so it can be kept and passed on.

Close up
Desk: H 47cm, W 60cm, D 51cm
Chair: H 53cm, W 30.5cm, D 30cm
         Seat H 28.5cm




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